Label is a part of garments which indicates the various instructions about the garments. Without any label a garment cannot be sold especially in export oriented garments. The essential data like size of the garments, fiber type, care data, country of origin, company name, and trade mark etc.
Types of label: There are mainly two types of label as below:
  1. Main label.
  2. Sub label.
    1. Size label.
    2. Care label.
    3. Price label.
    4. Composition label.
Main label: Main label contains brand name of buyer, country name. Like J.C. Penn, Levis etc.
Sub label: Sub label is of different types as below:
a. Size label: Size label indicates the size of the garments.
b. Price label: This label indicates the price of the garments.
c. Composition label: This label indicated the composition of the garments that means what type of fabric and what percentage is used to manufacture the garments. i.e.: 80% polyester, 20% cotton or 90% cotton, 10% spandex etc.
d. Care label: It is very important that the customers be given accurate information as to how to take care of their garments. SO that they can make informed purchase decision concerning the care characteristics of competing products and to enable consumers and cleaners to avoid product damage caused by the use of improper cleaning procedures.
Care label is a typical label that indicates the care instruction of the garments by internationally recognized signs. In this label instruction has been given that how to clean the garments. Especially washing, bleaching, drying, laundering, ironing etc is marked in the label.
Care label code: Internationally recognized symbols and instructions to perform careness of garments that are given in care label is called care label code.


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