All the materials except fabric required to make a garments are known as Trimmings. For example: Sewing thread, button, zipper, label etc. Some trimmings can be seen from outside the garments like button and some trimmings can be seen inside the garments like interlining.
Example of Trimmings:
  1. Sewing thread.
  2. Button.
  3. Lining.
  4. Interlining.
  5. Rivet.
  6. Label and motif.
  7. Zipper.
  8. Hook and loop fastness.
  9. Lace, braid and elastic.
  10. Twill-tape etc.
Essential quality of Trimmings: Trimmings may be of textile materials or non-textile materials. But they should be selected carefully to get desired performance from then. So, Trimmings that are used in garments should have some desired quality as follows:
  1. Life time: The life times of trimming should be equal to that of the garments. If the trims are damaged during garments washing, pressing, ironing, rubbing, the garments will be rejected, this is not desirable.
  2. Shrinkage: The outlook and quality of the garments may be hampered if the accessories shrinks due to ironing, washing or pressing as per example seam puckering will be occur in the garments due to shrinkage of the sewing thread. So, Trims should have ability to withstand shrinkage in different garment processing.
  3. Color fastness: This is a very important quality of trims. The fastness properties of trims should be good. Otherwise shade of the trims may be faded or changed due to washing or exposure to sunlight. As a result the appearance of the garments will be odd looking.


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