Open shed

open shedIn this type of shed, the warp threads from two stationary lines, one at the top & other at the bottom. After inserting a pick, change are made by carrying threads from one fixed line to another. So some threads are lowered from the top line & some are raised from the bottom line during the change raising & lowering of the threads occurred simultaneously.
  1. The warp lines are less liable to rubbing.
  2. Less power consumption.
  3. It is suitable for basic fabric.
  4. The loom can run at a fastest speed.
  5. More production.
  6. Wear & tear of the loom parts is low.
  1. Broken ends cannot be easily inserted into the harness.
  2. The tension of the yarn is not the same in different stages of shedding.
  3. High breakage rate.
  1. Ordinary tappet loom.
  2. Jacquard loom.


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