Calendaring is an operation carried out on a fabric to upgrade the fabric hand, to impart a smooth, silky touch and to improve its aesthetics.
In calendaring, the threads of the fabric are closed to give it’s a gloss (luster).
The purpose of calendaring is as follows:
  1. To upgrade the fabric hand and to impart a smooth and silky touch of the fabric.
  2. To compress the fabric and reduce its thickness.
  3. To improve the opacity of the fabric.
  4. To reduce the air permeability of the fabric.
  5. To impart the different degree of luster of the fabric.
  6. To reduce the yarn slippage etc.
Mechanism/Roller Arrangement:
An ordinary calendar consists of a series of hard and soft bowls placed in a definite order. The soft roller may be compressed cotton or paper. The calendar may consist of 3,5,6,7 or 10 rollers. The sequence of the bowls is that no two hard rollers are in contact with each other. The pressure and heat applied in calendaring depends on the type of the finished required.
The calendaring effect produced depends on the moisture content of the fabric, the number of bowls of the calendar used, the composition of the bowls (steel-cotton, cotton-cotton, steel-paper, cotton-plastic) bowl arrangement, the compressible material bowls are made from either cotton, wool-paper, linen-paper or flax paper. The hard material bowl is either of chilled iron or close-grained cast iron or steel. Iron bowls are made with a highly polished hard surface and are heated from inside by steam or gas and provide the floss to the calendared fabric.
Suizzing Calendar:
suizzing calendar

Bowl arrangement:
Bowl No.
Close grained iron bowl.
Compressed cotton bowl.
Highly polished chilled iron, steam heated bowl.
Compressed cotton bowl.
Compressed cotton bowl.
Highly polished chilled iron, steam heated bowl.
Compressed cotton bowl.
 By Suizzing is meant simply running the cloth through all the nips and then either plaiting or batching. This operation closes interstitches of the cloth and gives it smooth appearance. A 7 or 10 bowl calendar is usually used when the production is very large. Prior to calendaring, softening agent should be applied to produce more lusters. In this machine all the bowls rotate at the same speed, in this operation, hot calendar produce smoothness and luster surface.

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