Initial Inspection

Initial Inspection: Done during the initial period of the manufacturing process. The product should be in cutting and small parts operation when this inspection is performed. An audit of cutting quality should take place.
Purpose of initial inspection: The purpose of initial inspection is given below:
  1. The purpose of initial inspection is to check marker layout, cut parts and assembly of small parts.
  2. Effects are found during the “Initial Inspection”, a discussion should be held with the supplier/factory and production manager. The report including all the points discussed should be sent to buyer apparel production department for reference.
Procedure of initial inspection: The procedure of initial inspection is given below:
  1. All fabric components, trimmings and labels should be against reference sample, if defects are marker as “Major”, a representative photos/piece should sent to apparel department for consideration.
  2. Measure placement of and size of pattern pieces against specification sheet allowing for fabric shrinkage caused by the manufacturing process.


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