Silicone Wash

Silicone wash can be applied on all types of fabrics such as Knit, Corduroy, Denim, Canvas, Twill etc. The following reasons are required for Silicone wash.
The reasons are:
1. Silicone wash gives elastic handle.
2. Silicone wash gives durable softness.
3. Silicone wash helps to tear resistance, anti-pilling affects, and dimensional stability.
4. Silicone wash is also helps to fabrics to be cut and sewn more easily.
5. Silicone washes also improving wears and easy care properties.
Process of Silicone Wash
The process of Silicone wash is done by five steps. For 60kg Trouser or twill or canvas or corduroy or poplin is described below:
Step 1:
Lot weight = 60kg.
Add water = 600liter.
L: R = 1:10
Run the machine.
Add desizing agent = 0.6gm/liter.
Add detergent = 0.5gm/liter.
Temperature = 40-50ºC.
Time = 10-20min.
Drop the liquor.
Rinse one time three minutes.
Step 2:
Add water = 480liter.
L: R = 1:8.
Add acetic acid = 0.6gm/liter.
Cationic softener = 1gm/liter.
Silicone =0.5gm/liter.
Temperature = 40ºC.
Time = 15-20min.
Drain the bath.
Then unload the garments on trolley.
Step 3:
In this step we used hydro-extractor machine. After unloading garments from the washing machine then they are sent to hydro-extractor machine to remove excess water from the washed garments.
Step 4:
In this step we used drying machine.
Load 60kg garments to gas/steam dryer.
Set the temperature at 75-85ºC.
Run the machine about 35-45min.
After run 10-15 minutes for cold dryer.
Step 5:
After completing drying the garments will go to the quality section for checking the quality and then delivery.

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