Difference between Precision Winding and Non Precision Winding

The difference between Precision winding and Non Precision Winding are given below,
Precision Winding
Non Precision Winding
1. Number of coils remains constant from the first layer up to the full diameter of package.
1. Number of coils per traverse of yarn guide decrease with increase in package diameter.
2. No air gaps.
2. Air gaps are found here.
3. Winding angle is 90º or near 90º.
3. Winding angle is less than 80º.
4. Bobbin can be wound by one or more yarn.
4. Bobbin can be wound by only one yarn.
5. Less stable package.
5. More stable package.
6. Flanged bobbin is needed.
6. Flanged bobbin is not needed.
7. Yarn tension is relatively more at the time of winding.
7. Yarn tension is relatively less at the time of winding.
8. Yarn package density is more.
8. Yarn density is less in the package.
9. Yarn coil is arranged in the parallel or near parallel.
9. Yarn coil is arranged in traversal.
10. Yarn withdrawal from the package takes more time and it is relatively difficult.
10. Yarn withdrawal from the package takes less time and it is comparatively difficult.


  1. Sandwiched coils ar cited as cake coils, it carries with it flat conductors wound in degree passing spiral kind and ar thus named as a results of the arrangement of conductors into discs. Sandwich windings and coils ar common with shell core device construction.Iron Powder Cores

  2. solid winding machine finds its application in coils of energy meter current transformers, little or no power transformers, solid coils, inductors, CT (current transformer), etc. Automatic winding machine would possibly even be a hoop no personnel to figure, all the work is achieved via a magnetic ring winding machine.automatic toroidal winding machine

  3. A winding machine could even be a machine has engulfed with string of paper, tape, metal wire, onto a spool, and bobbin, etc. it's besides declared as as winder. Coil winding machines main applications ar to wind coils for transformers, motor, chokes, and inductors.automatic toroidal winding machine

  4. Transformer winding is one more principal fragment of a transformer advancement, since this is the genuine current bearing conductors wound the middle ring. If the fundamental data voltage is more significant than the helper yield voltage, the transformer is called as a steo down transformer. If the basic data voltage isn't actually the discretionary yield voltage, the transformer is called as endeavor up transformer.Iron Powder Cores

  5. Copper or aluminum wire used as the central current passing on transport in a transformer winding. Aluminum wire is unimportant exertion and lighter than the copper wire, which has a more basic cross sectional zone of transmitter used to pass on the liberal dimension of current, so it is on a very basic level used in wide power transformer applications.toroidal transformer winding machine

  6. A winding machine is a machine has included with string of paper, tape, metal wire, onto a spool, and bobbin, et cetera. It is other than called as winder. Bend winding machines critical applications are to curve floats for transformers, engine, spreads, and inductors. A spot of the standard relationship of winding machines are circle turning, steadfast fiber winding, and rope winding.toroidal transformer winding machine

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