Basic Dye

Basic dye mainly applied in acrylic fibers. Basic dyes are water soluble cationic dyes. Basic dye also applied to some wool or silk. In certain nylon and protein fibers the basic dyes is also applied. Basic dyes are typically cationic or positively charged when it’s at the chemical level. Basic dyes are also known as cationic dyes.
Advantages of Basic Dyes: The advantages of basic dyes are given below,
  1. Moderate substantivity.
  2. Relatively economical.
  3. Includes some of the most brilliant synthetic dyes.
  4. High Tinctorial strength.
  5. Wide shade range.
  6. Shows good brightness.
Limitation of Basic Dyes: The limitation of basic dyes are given below,
  1. High acid content.
  2. Colored backwaters.
  3. Preferential dyeing.
  4. Poor shade stability.
  5. Very poor light fastness.

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