Fabric Package

Types of Fabric Package:
1. Open fabric roll:
         i. Most of the time fabric is supplied by wrapping over a tube which is about of 7 to 8cm dia.
        ii. The widths of the fabric roll vary from 75cm to 3m.
2. Tubular knitted fabric roll:
       i. Most of the knitted fabric is found in tubular form and they are supplied in roll from.
      ii. Tube roll usually have the same width as the garments width such as T-Shirt, Polo Shirt
3. Folded fabric roll:
     i. In this type of package fabric is wrapped over 1-2cm thick and hard board.
     ii. This type of fabric package is generally used by retail seller.
4. Folded fabric cuttled:
     i. Check fabric & knitted fabric are found in this type of package.
    ii. This type of package is used to avoid distortion of these fabrics.
5. Hanging fabric package:
     i. Velvet or expensive types of fabrics are found in this package.
    ii. Only manual spreading is possible for this type of package.


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