Inline Inspection

The design of inline inspection is to quantify the packing, workmanship and measurement defect levels of the production lots. This will assist in determining if the manufacturing process is achieving the desired level of product quality.
An inline inspection is normally done as the product is starting the finishing process.
When performing the inline inspection, it is imperative that samples be pulled at random. The QC auditor should not take more than two random samples from the same bundle for quality review.
The QC auditor should pull the samples himself/herself. The factory personnel should not pull samples for product quality review.
Inline Measurement Inspection:
Measure 4 pieces of each size across all colors.
If any key measurement point is found out of allowable tolerance, that garment fails, If more than 10% of the garments measured fail. The order is recommended to reject.
If full a size range is 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52 = 28 garments measured; if 4 or more garments fail, the order is recommended to reject.


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