Basic Shirt

Component of a Basic Shirt:
1)    Collar.
2)    Collar band or collar stand.
3)    Upper yoke.
4)    Lower yoke.
5)    Left front part.
6)    Right front part.
7)    Sleeve.                
a)     R-Sleeve
b)    L-Sleeve
8)    Cuff.                   
9)    Placket.                
a)     Upper placket.
b)    Lower Placket.
10)           Back part.
11)           Pocket.                       
12)           Facing.                        
a)     Upper facing                
b)    Lower facing                          
Sketch of a Basic Shirt

Accessories and trimmings of a Basic Shirt:
1)    Sewing Thread.
2)    Button.                 
3)    Label                     
a.     Care label
b.     Size label
c.      Main label
4)    Interlining.
5)    Motif.
6)    Neck board
7)    Back board.
8)    Hang tag.
9)    Price ticket.
10)     Tag pin
11)     Tissue Paper.
12)     Polly bag.
Machine required for making shirt: Mainly two machines are used for basic shirt making. These are:
a.     Over lock m/c
b.     Plain stitch m/c


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