Winding Principle of Simplex

There are two winding principle of simplex. They are,
  1. In simplex the bobbin speed must be higher than the flyer speed for winding.
   If the flyer speed is NF and bobbin speed is NB. They according to the principle:
So, winding on speed = NB-NF
                              Then, NW=NB-NF…………(i).
  1. If the diameter increases due to winding, then the bobbin speed must be decreased.
Let, the delivery speed = L inch per minute.
At any instant, the bobbin dia = d inch.
Then the winding speed, NW = (L/πd)…………(ii).
Now, from the equation (i) and (ii) we get,
NB-NF = (L/πd).
            Then, L = πd (NB-NF).
Building Mechanism of Winding: There are three important tasks are occurred for building on a package,
  1. Bobbin speed must be decreased due to winding in each layer.
  2. Lifting the bobbin rail for stable.
  3. Shorten the lifting of bobbin rail for tapper end.


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