Methods of Increasing Production (Knitting)

From the following methods we can increase the production of knitting. The methods are,
1. By increasing machine speed: Higher the machine speed faster the movement of needle and ultimately production will be increased. But it has to make sure that excess tension is not imposed on yarn because of this high speed. 
2. By increasing the number of feeder: If the number of feeder is increased in the circumference of cylinder, then the number of courses will be increased in one revolution at a time. 
3. By using machine of higher gauge: The more the machine gauge, the more the production is. So by using machine of hgier gauge production can be increased.
4. By imposing automation in the machine
a. Quick starting and stopping for efficient driving system.
b. Automatic machine lubrication system for smoother operation.
c. Photo electric fabric fault detector.
5. By imposing other developments:
a. Using creel-feeding system.
b. Applying yarn supply through plastic tube that eliminates the possibilities of yarn damage.
c. Using yarn feed control device.


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