Effluent Treatment Plant

To save environment, Effluent Treatment Plant used in Textile Industry. Different Section of Textile Manufacturing unit passes huge pollutants water which is very harmful for the nature and environments and these pollutants are also harmful for human health. For Textile Industry the Effluent Transfer Plant is also essential part. There are some processing procedures to purify the water from the begging.
Process Flowchart of Effluent Treatment Plant:
Primary Filtration
Cooling and Mixing save
Neutralization by acid or alkali dosing
Chemical Coagulation
Setting and separation of sludge
Sludge Pit
Discharge to Drain
Classification of Effluent Treatment Plant: Effluent Treatment Plant are three types. These are,
1.     Physical-Chemical treatment plant.
2.     Chemical-Biological plant.
3.     Biological treatment plant.
Effects of ETP of Textile Industry in Environment and Daily uses:
Quality of water body is destroyed for industries waste water. Agriculture land and sewerage handling system are affected by the industries waste water. 
Characteristics and Effect of ETP are summarized below,
i. pH: Waste water of polyester dyeing is acidic and reactive dyeing is alkaline. So, if waster water is highly acidic condition, then,
a.     Corrosion of pipe line.
b.     Destruction of aquatic life.
And if the waster water is highly alkaline condition, then,
a.     Adverse effect on aquatic life.
b.     Damages crops by impairing their growths.
ii. Dissolved Solids: Dissolved solids may be organic or inorganic in nature. They cause reduction of dissolved O2 in water. It creates some other problems like,
a.     It causes disease and discomfort.
b.     Scale formation in pipe-lines and other equipments.
c.      It accelerates algal growth.
d.     In increases water hardness.
iii. Suspended Solids: It causes some bad effects like,
a.     Suspended solids increase turbidity.
b.     Interface with light transmitting properties of water.
c.      Destroy photosynthesis and O2 transfer process.


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