Bale Management

Bale Management is a process to mix fiber homogeneously to get consistent production and quality of yarn and inventory control and selection of fibers according to its properties. According to the fiber characteristics Bale Management refers to a choice of cotton bales in order to achieve acceptable and a constant yarn quality and economical processing conditions.

Objectives of Bale Management:
1. To get uniform yarn quality.
2. To minimize shade variation of the finished fabric.
3. To reduce or control fabric barre.
Examples of Bale Management:
1.      Sample collection.
2.      HVI (High Volume Instrument) test.
3.      Total bales.
4.      Number of mixing.
5.      Category defines (MIC value and Color grade).
6.      Fiber lot number.
7.      Daily requirements.
Procedure of Bale Management:
1. Fiber lot number.
2. Total bales.
3. Sample collection.
4. HVI testing.
5. Category defines.
6. Discard the lower MIC and color grade bales.
7. Daily requirements.
8. Layout of bale mixing.
9. Delete the consumed bale from the current bale.


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