Blow Room

To open and clean the cotton fiber to the required degree, many machines are used in blow room section. The ranges of opening and cleaning machinery vary depending On the types and grades of cotton to be processed. In the blow room section about 40% to 70% trash is removed from the cotton fiber.
The working operations of blow rooms are:
3.Dust removal
5.Even feed of the material to the card/lap forming.

Common Faults in blowroom:

  1. Neps formation.
  2. High variation and blowroom lap weight.
  3. Poor cleaning efficiency.
  4. Cotton not opened properly.
  5. Conical lap.
  6. Holes in the lap.
  7. Excessive lint loss.

Recent development of blowroom line:

  1. Improved input action blendomate/ uniflock.
  2. Optiscan.
  3. Electronic/Computer based system for each machine.
  4. Different new machines like CVT, CVT3 etc.
  5. Better cleaning efficiency of special types of cylindrical saw toothed beater.
  6. Better section and management system.
  7. Improved safety device.
  8. Centralized computer control system.


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