Chemical Properties of Jute Fiber

Chemical properties of Jute Fibers are:
  1. Effect of acids and alkalis: Easily damaged by hot and cold concentrated acids but resistant to alkali.
  2. Effect of bleaching agent: Not effected by oxidizing and reducing agent.
  3. Effect of organic solvent: Resistance to organic solvent.
  4. Dye ability: Jute fiber has good affinity to basic dye.
  5. Effect of sun light: Due to presence of lignin in jute fiber it may be damaged by sun light.
  6. Flammability: its flammability may be reduced by treating with boras and boric acid mixture.
  7. Effect of microorganism: Jute has more resistance to microbiological attack than either grey cotton or flax.

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  1. Hey that's really cool stuff! I love that rug too, where do I find this jute webbing?


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