Distinguish Warp and Weft

Direction of the fabric determines the way in which the fabric should be cut when a garment is made from it.

It is easy to identify the direction of warp and weft.

  1. If the fabric is new, warp along the length of the fabric.
  2. If the fabric is selvedge: warp parallel to the selvedge. Fabric with no selvedges can be identified by observing the weave of the fabric.
  3. In plain weave: greater number of yarns in one direction indicates the direction of warp.
  4. In twill weave: Filling yarns run in the direction of the diagonal.
  5. In satin weave: The direction of the floating yarns is warp.
  6. The direction of the colored stripes indicates warp.
  7. More stretch along the weft when compared to warp.
  8. Finer yarns in the warp direction.
  9. Filament yarn in warp and spun yarn in weft in mixture fabrics.


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