Fiber Maturity

Cotton Fiber consists of lumen and cell wall. The maturity index is depends upon the thickness of the cell wall. A fiber is to be considered as ripe when the cell wall of the moisture swollen fiber represents 50-80% of the round cross-section, as unripe when it represents 30-45%, and as dead when it represents less than 25%.
Immature fiber leads to:
1.      Loss of yarn strength.
2.      Neppiness.
3.      High production of short fibers.
4.      Varying dye ability.
5.      Processing difficulties, mainly at the card.


  1. Finer meturity is how to produce the spinning process and step by step to machinery how to produce please give me the notes

  2. Have learned a lot, thanks! By the way, do you know what is pilling for fabrics?

    1. Protruding fibers entangled together form ball type structure on the surface of fabric called pilling.


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