Fiber Strength

Fiber Strength is very often the dominating characteristics. This can be seen from the fact that the nature produces counties fibers, most of which are not usable for textiles because of inadequate strength. The minimum strength for a textile fiber is approximately 6 CN/tex.
Some significant breaking strength of fibers:
·         Polyester= 35-60 CN/tex
·         Cotton= 15-40 CN/tex
·         Wool= 12-18 CN/tex
In relation to cotton, the strength of fiber bundles is measured and stated as the Pressley value,
Pressley value= (Breaking load in lbs/Bundle weight in mg).
The following scale of values is used:
·         93 and above = Excellent.
·         87-92 = Very strong.
·         81-86 = Strong.
·         75-80 = Medium.
·         70-74 = Fair.
·         Under 70 = Weak.


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