Properties of Textile Fiber

Properties of Textile Fiber are described below:
  1. Length: It depends upon the types of fiber. It is fine in-case man made fiber but varies largely in-case normal fiber.
  2. Strength: The capacity of a fiber to support load is known as it strength in-case of fiber strength described as tenacity.
  3. Extension: The tensile is commonly described its strength to reach break to increase in the length before break is known as strength.
  4. Flexibility: Flexibility is that properties to its repeated bending and folding.
  5. Cohesiveness: It is ability to the fiber to stay together during spinning.
  6. Uniformity: To make a yarn it is important that fiber be similarly in length and width in spinning quality and flexibility.
  7. Fineness: Fineness describe the quality of fiber, how fine is fiber and it’s express by the count tex.
  8. Elasticity: it is the power of recovery from deformation.


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