Yarn Number

It refers to the yarn size or fineness of the yarn. Filament yarn is expressed in terms of weight per unit length. Whereas for spun yarns the precise weights and lengths differ according to the fiber in the yarn. There are various kinds of systems measuring the yarn size.
Yarn Number is two types. They are:
  1. Direct yarn number.
  2. Indirect yarn number.
Indirect Yarn Number: Indirect system express yarn numbers in length per unit mass or as a reciprocal of linear density the larger the number, the finer the yarn. This system has been used for spun yarns of staple fibers with slightly different base for each of the major natural fibers. Cotton count, worsted count, metric count are currently using the indirect yarn numbering system. Many of the indirect yarn counts have converted to tex, but in the united kingdom, the woolen and worsted counts persist.


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