Batch Process

Batch process is also known as discontinuous process, Winch dyeing machine, Kier boiling process.
Caustic Soda
0.5 to 3g/L
Soda ash
0.5 to 1g/L
Wetting agent
0.5 to 1g/L
Sequestering agent
0.5 to 1g/L
M:L ratio
Material form
Open form

Working procedure:
  1. Kier boiler is provided one man hole for loading and unloading the fabric.
  2. The liquor is prepared into the mixing tank by above chemicals then brought into the pre-heater and heated by the steam.
  3. The fabric is loaded in the machine by man hole and kept in rope form.
  4. Then the hot liquor is pumped and sprayed by spader plate onto the fabric which is packed into the kier.
  5. The temperature of the kier is about 100ºC and boiling for 8hours.
  6. After scouring the fabric is washed with 80ºC. Otherwise impurities on the fabric would not be removed.
  7. Then the fabric is neutralized with 0.1% acetic acid and then cold wash is carried out.
  1. Kier should be clean.
  2. Material should be packed evenly.
  3. The fabric should be immersed in liquor completely.
  4. Before starting all the join parts should be checked.
  5. The joint parts should be leak proof.
  6. Before scouring, the fabric should be starch free.


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