Continuous Scouring Process

The scouring vessel looks like the English letter ‘J’ hence; this process is called J-Box process. In this process desizing, scouring and bleaching operation can be done at a time. This process is also known as Scouring in J-Box.
Standard recipe:
Caustic soda
Wetting agent
Sequestering agent
Saturation/Impregnation temperature
Storing time in J-Box
J-Box temperature

Procedure: The scouring process in J-Box can be divided into four units. They are:
  1. Saturation.
  2. Pre-heater.
  3. J-Box.
  4. Washing unit.
Saturation: Saturation is prepared by the above recipe without caustic soda in the saturation. Then the fabric is possed through the guide roller and immersed into the solution. Here the temperature is about 0-80ºC.
Pre-heater: In pre-heater the materials is passed at temperature 110-120ºC and then passed to the J-Box.
J-Box: In J-Box solution of caustic soda are kept and the fabric is stored in this solution. Here the temperature is about 100ºC. In J-Box, NaOH react with the impurities present in the fabric and finally removed.
Washing unit: The water soluble impurities or products are left on the materials are removed here. First the material are washed in hot water and then cold water and finally dried.
  1. This process is continuous process, so it is consumes less time.
  2. This process is more economical.
  3. Desizing, scouring, bleaching operation can be done at a time.
  1. The result is not as good as compared to with kier.

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