Classification of wool fiber

Wool fiber can be classified into five categories. They are:
  1. Lambs wool.
  2. Hog wool.
  3. Weather wool.
  4. Pulled wool.
  5. Dead wool.
Lambs wool: The first wool fiber sheared from young sheep is known as lamb’s wool. The age of the sheep is eight month.
Hog wool: Six month later, when the sheep is fourteen month, the wool is stronger and thicker which is known as hog wool.
Weather wool: Fiber chipped after first shearing is called weather wool.
Pulled wool: When sheep are slaughtered for meat, their wool is pulled from the sheep by the use of chemical known as pulled wool.
Dead wool: The wool has been recovered from the sheep that have been died on accidently died.

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  1. i did not know that there were only 5 type of wools. i as under impression that there are hundred type of wools seeing a lot of wollen dresses . never knew that they are all made from only 5 type of wool.


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