Polyester Fiber

Polyester is a man made, synthetic polymer. The most commonly polymer apparel filament or staple fiber is usually composed of polyethylene. According to F.T.C. “Polyester fiber are chemically composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester of a substituted aromatic carboxylic acid, including but not restricted to substituted terephthalate units.
Feature of polyester fiber:
  1. Diameter: 12μm to 25μm.
  2. Appearance: Smooth with round cross-section.
  3. Moisture regain: 0-0.4% hydrophobic.
  4. Shrink away from Hame.
  5. Disperse, azoic, some pigments are used for dyeing fiber.
Chemical properties of polyester fiber:
  1. Heat: Fibers becomes tacky at 235ºC and melts 250ºC.
  2. Bleaches: Not effect by oxidizing or reducing bleaches.
  3. Stain: Resistance to water born stain.
  4. Flammability: Burns slowly but shrink away from flame.
  5. Dye ability: Disperse dye, azoic are used.
  6. Light: Loss of tensile strength over prolonged exposure but no discoloration.
  7. Acid: Resistance against mild acid but loses strength against concentrated H2SO4.
  8. Alkaline: Same as Acid.
End use: The most important characteristics of the polyester fiber are wrinkle tree appearance and case of care in use. Blend of wool, cotton, rayon or flax with polyester fiber are popular.
Polyester fiber add easy maintenance strength and durability relatively wrinkle free and to blend fibers, white, cellulose or other contribute due.

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