Spin Finish

Spin finish are the lubricant which provides surface lubricating, plasticizing and static protection to manmade fiber. It applied in fluid condition just before wind up.
Object of spin finish:
  1. To lubricate yarn.
  2. To reduce static electricity.
  3. To increase cohesion of the yarn.
Different types of spin finishes:
  1. Lubricants: Used to control the friction of the fiber. Example: Oils, poly glycols.
  2. Plasticizers: It makes the fiber more flexible by reducing the Tg value and also reduce the brighttleness. Example: Silicate, dibutyl.
  3. Anti static agent: To reduce the static charge of fiber. Example: Lithium chloride, Butyl stearate.
Properties of spin finish:
  1. It should provide cohesive of the filament.
  2. It should not be oxidized in the air.
  3. It should have good wetting property.
  4. It should not encourage bacterial growth.
  5. It should not be carcinogenic.
  6. It should have anti static property.


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