A woven fabric is formed by the interlacement of two sets of threads, namely warp and weft threads. These threads are interlaced with one another according to the type of weave or design. The warp threads are those that run longitudinally along the length of the fabric and the weft threads are those that run transversely across the fabric. For the sake of convenience the warp threads are termed as ends and the weft as picks or fillings.
Classification of woven fabric structure: Woven structures are classified into the following categories:
  1. Simple structure
  2. Compound structures
Simple structure: In case of simple structures there is only one series of warp and weft threads. These threads interlace with one another perpendicularly.

Compound structure: In case of compound structures, there may be more than one series threads of which one set forms the body or ground and the other forms the figuring or ornamentation.


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