Bottom closed shed

bottom close shedThis kind of shed is produced by giving motion only to threads that are to form the upper line. Under this condition the warp is level on the bottom line. Hence in order to form a top shed, it is necessary to move some threads through a space equal to twice the depth of shed, once up & once down, before a fresh section is made. A shed of this kind is known as a stationary bottom with a rising & falling top.
  1. The altered tightening & slacking of threads produce a cloth with good cover.
  2. It is suitable for fine fabrics particularly in silk fabric.
  1. It takes a long time to produce a shed.
  2. Not suitable for high speed loom.
  3. More chance of breakage of top warp line.
  4. It requires more power.
  5. Unequal warp tension.
  6. Low production.
  7. More tension on yarn.
  1. Tappet loom.
  2. Single lift dobby.
  3. Jacquard loom.

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