Center close shed

center close shed
Center close shed is produced by imparting an upward movement to those threads which are to from the top line & downward movement to the threads which are to form the bottom line, then after inserting a pick, both the lines meet the center. Here warp threads move in an upward & downward direction from a center line.
  1. Power consumption is low.
  2. Wear & tear of loom parts is low.
  3. Less time consumption.
  4. High production.
  5. Equal tension on warp yarns.
  1. Since every thread is moved to form each shed, strain on yarn is more.
  2. Beat-up takes place in the closed shed condition.
  3. Possibility of yarn breakage due to rubbing.
  4. Possibility of weft being move backward.
  1. Tapper loom.
  2. Single lift jacquard loom


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