Quality Control

Quality control is concerned with the evaluation of test data and its application to control of the textile process, raw material, intermediate products and final products.
It is concerned not only with quality level and cost of maintaining but also with the presentation of tangible values to measure quality and changes in quality.
Importance of Quality Control: Quality control refers to control over the products quality throughout the process of manufacturing.
  1. In quality control process, the areas and methodology should be identified.
  2. Areas refer to the position where the quality has to be checked.
  3. Methodology refers to the nature of quality control program.
To obtain a quality end product, control over the quality of raw material, machine and process is essential.
Quality requirement in different sectors:
  1. Selection of raw material.
  2. Yarn manufacturing.
  3. Fabric manufacturing.
  4. Dyeing/coloration.
  5. Printing.
  6. Finishing.
  7. Garments processing/applications.

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