Bleach Wash

In case of bleach wash, garments are normally dyed with direct or reactive dyes.

Flowchart of bleach wash is as follows:

Bleach Treatment

Hot Wash


Softening Treatment (Optional).

Sample recipe for bleach wash: If lot size is 100kg and Material Liquor Ratio is 1:5.

1. For bleaching treatment,

            Water = 500liter.

            Caustic Soda (NaOH) = 2% OWF.

            Soda Ash = 2% OWF.

            H2O2 = 5ml/liter.

            Stabilizer = 2.5m/liter.

            Temp = 80ºC.

            Time = 60-70minute.

            pH = 10-11.

2. For hot wash,

Temp= 60ºC.

Time = 5minute.


3. For neutralization,

            Acetic acid = 2ml/liter.

            Temp = Room temperature.

            Time = 5minute.

4. For softening,

            Softener = 0.1 to 0.5% OWG.

            Time = 5-10minute.


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