Special Finishes for Natural Fibers

The Special Finishes for Natural Fibers are given below:
  1. Bio-polishing: Bio-polishing removes the protruding fibers of a fabric through the action of an enzyme. Enzyme, such as cellulose for cotton, selectively removes protruding fibers. These enzymes may be deactivated by an increase in temperature.
  2. Mercerization: Mercerization makes woven cotton fabric stronger, more lustrous, to have better dye affinity and to be less abrasive.
  3. Raising: Raising lifts the surface fibers to improve the softness and hand feel properties of the textile materials.
  4. Peach finish: Peach finish subjects the fabric (either cotton on its synthetic blends) to emery wheels, making the surface velvet-like. This is a special finish used mostly in garments.
  5. Fulling: Fulling is a method of thickening woolen material to make its more water-resistant.
  6. Calendaring: Calendaring makes one or both surfaces of the fabric smooth and shiny. The fabric is passed through hot, fast moving stainless steel cylinders.
  7. Crease: Resist finish or wash and wear or wrinkle free finishes are achieved by the addition of a chemical resin finish that makes the fiber take on a quality similar to that of a synthetic fiber.


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