Garments Inspection

The procedure through which the produced garments are checked to maintain the required quality level is called Garments Inspection.
Stages of Garments Inspection: There are three stages of garments inspection. These are:
  1. Initial Inspection.
  2. Inline Inspection.
  3. Final Inspection.
Initial Inspection: Done during the initial period of the manufacturing process. The product should be in cutting and small parts operation when this inspection is performed. An audit of cutting quality should take place.
Inline Inspection: Done during the assembly process of production to monitor product quality in the manufacturing process. The ideal time to perform this inspection is when at least 5% of the order has been sewed for pressing.
Final Inspection: This inspection is performed after the product is at least 80% packed and ready for shipment. The complete inspection will encompass product measurements and packing conformance to standards and procedures.

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