To add color by a process to textile products such as fibers, yarns or fabrics is called Dyeing. Normally dyeing is done on a special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material. Dye liquor is defined as, the process of coloring textile materials with dyes in an aqueous solution. Dyeing is done by the interaction between fiber, water and chemicals material.
Sequence of Dyeing Process: The sequence of dyeing process is given below,
            Dye dispersed in a dye bath
                                    ↓ Diffusion
            Dye in the diffusion layer
                                    ↓ Molecular diffusion
            Dye in the electrical double layer
            Dye absorbed in the fiber surface
                                    ↓ Sorption
            Dye diffused in the fiber
                                    ↓ Fixation
            Dye physically/chemically bonded with the fiber
Different types of Dyeing: In this world there as huge types of dyeing. Some dyeing name is given below,
  1. Stock dyeing.
  2. Piece dyeing.
  3. Garment dyeing.
  4. Dope dyeing.
  5. Yarn dyeing.
  6. Hank dyeing.
  7. Package dyeing.
  8. Warp-Beam dyeing.
  9. Space dyeing.
  10. Beck dyeing.
  11. Jig dyeing.
  12. Pad dyeing etc.


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