Effect of Pilling

Pilling rarely affects the actual durability of a fabric but it affects adversely in processing as well as to physical properties of the fabric like appearance, handles etc which are shortly described as below:
  1. In dyeing, the pills absorb more dyes resulting in deep shade in contrast to the ground and consequently cloth appears skittery. Further if it develops on the dyed garment during use, it will lighter in shade resulting in skittery appearance of the materials.
  2. In printing the sharpness of the outlines of the printed design in the fabric will be spoiled in the presence of pills. Further, if it develops on the printed fabric during wear, the printed pattern will not be blured but the beauty of the print will be lost.
  3. In finishing the presence of pills hamper to a great extent in the production of a clean and clear finish. They spoil the appearance of garment.
  4. It also affects adversely the handle of the fabric and consequently deteriotes comfort of the fabric.


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